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Jewel Stone
Owner of Escapade for One, a singles adventure dating service, Amanda Jordan has brought her clients to a remote cabin in the Montana Rockies for a romantic weekend.  Rhett Porter has tracked a murderer straight to A.J. and her clients.  When communications are severed, a storm blows in, and with Oliver Redding on the loose, Rhett must trek A.J. and her clients down the mountain to safety. Only it soon becomes clear Oliver Redding is no longer on the run, but following and taunting the group.  What motive could Oliver have to turn from the prey to the hunter?
Reporter Phillip Gallagher is hot on a tip to uncover the identity of a famed romance writer when his life as his rental truck slides off the icy road and crashes into a tree. When he regains consciousness, he discovers the woman who disappeared from his life taking with her his heart, Abigail Harper, his wife. Snowed in a remote cabin in the Cascade Mountains, Abby and Phillip live in the moment, discover a passion never experienced before. Only when she learns the real reason he came to find her, their scorching days and nights come to an abrupt end. Will Abby and Phillip find a way to mend their broken wings and learn to soar together on Wings of Love?